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My Process

I work in the abstract, using line and color to connect with aspects of nature & the human experience. My process at its core draws from ideas of letting go, allowing, and remaining open to an uncontrolled ‘happening’.


Within this experience of creation, I use highly pigmented watercolors, acrylic inks, dry pigments, alcohol inks, or a mix on 100% cotton, canvas, or waterproof substrate.



I’m drawn to the movement and ever-changing nature of the sky and our earths water sources. Like these, my process is fluid and unconstrained. By accessing this freedom I’m able to let colors flow and blend, guiding often intense colors to say something.


I am inspired by artists who push ‘the norm, the box, or container’. Those who access the abstract and who allow the process to unfold on the canvas.


Lisa Jean
Contemporary Artist

Feelings come and go like clouds in the sky, conscious breathing is my anchor....Thich Nhat Hanh
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